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Business In Canada


Business persons who seek to enter Canada for an activity anywhere in the business cycle – from visiting a client for one day to establishing a bricks-and-mortar subsidiary for their employer – may apply either for temporary admission or for status as a permanent resident. Typically, individuals will initially make an application for temporary admission and may or may not follow this process with an application for permanent residence.


Canada is the destination of choice for many business persons who are attracted to our market oriented economic system, skilled labour force, abundant natural resources and high living standards and who want to become permanent residents. In particular, Canada’s safety, security, and stable economic, financial and governmental institutions are important factors in an increasingly complex world.

The Canadian Immigration Act provided for the admission of 3 categories of business people: investor, entrepreneur and self-employed.

The Immigrant Investor Program (IIP)

The IIP seeks to attract experienced business persons and capital to Canada. Investors must demonstrate qualifying business experience, a minimum net worth of 1.6 Million (Canadian Dollars) and must make a passive investment of $800,000 (Canadian Dollars) in an approved investment.
The IIP began in 1986. In the last 5 years, more than 7,000 investors have landed, investing more than $2.6 billion (Canadian Dollars).

The Entrepreneur Program

The Entrepreneur Program seeks to attract experienced business persons who will own and actively manage businesses in Canada that will contribute to the economy and create jobs. Entrepreneurs and their dependants are admitted to Canada under specific conditions that are subsequently monitored by CIC after landing.
The Entrepreneur Program began in 1983. In the last 5 years, over 11,000 entrepreneurs have landed and have created more than 43,000 jobs.

The Self-Employed Program

Self-employed persons must have the intention and ability to create their own employment and make a significant contribution to the cultural, artistic or athletic life of Canada. Self-employed persons also include those who are able to create their own employment by purchasing and managing a farm in Canada.
The program began in 1978. In the last 5 years, over 5,000 self-employed persons have landed in Canada.

Quebec’s Business Programs

Quebec operates its own Investor Immigrant Program (IIP) under the authority of the Canada- Quebec Accord Relating to Immigration and Temporary Admission of Aliens. In this Accord, Quebec undertakes to administer its investor program in a manner consistent with the spirit and objectives of the federal program. Until recently, 98% of all investments made in the IIP program were made through Quebec. A similar construct of “entrepreneur selected by a province” is available whereby an entrepreneur selected by Quebec is an “entrepreneur” subject to that province’s determination of what constitutes business experience.

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