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Work & Live in Saskatchewan Package

Services included in the package:

• Screen and evaluate your possibilities of immigration.
• Set you ready for an online or over the phone interview with a Canadian Employer.
• If selected, we will prepare a Retainer agreement with information about the process and costs.
• We will prepare your application for a work permit.
• You will receive a job offer from the Canadian Employer.
• Once you receive your work permit/visa, we will assist you in preparing your departure.
• You will receive our information Kit for newcomers to Canada.
• If applicable, we will apply for the provincial nomination that will lead to your Permanent Resident application.
• Airports pick up and relocation services for individuals.
• Pre departure Orientation meeting.

This Basis package will cost you only CAD$ 7,500.00

Additional Relocation Services:

• Airport pickups for families.
• Housing assistance
• City tour
• SIN card application.
• Health card application.
• Library card application.
• Transportation card and bus passes.

This additional services for families are for only CAD$ 2500.00

Payment schedule for consulting fees:

1. Consultation online/ on site : CAN$ 35.00
2. Retainer Agreement: CAN$ 1000.00
3. 1st. Payment: work permit/LMO CAN$ 1000.00
4. 2nd. Payment: WP Approval CAN$ 1500.00
5. 3er. Payment: SINP CAN$ 2000.00
6. 4th. Payment: PR application CAN$ 2000.00

Payment in Country of Residency (Abroad) = CAN$ 3500 in several months period.

Payment in Canada (In Land) = CAN$ 4000 in 2 years period.

Note: We have a refund policy in place as stated in our Retainer Agreements. These costs do not include the government processing fees and any other disbursements.

Processing times during the Immigration Process:

1. Consultation: 24 hours
2. Interview: 48-72 hours
3. Retainer: 1 week
4. Work permit: 3 months
5. SINP application: 3-4 months*
6. PR application: 14 months

Based on CIC processing times. These estimates may vary depending on the country of residency and the visa office.

*Eligible after working at least for 6 months with the employer.


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